Global Citizenship Education

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Here is the Oxfam document: Education for Global Citizenship

A colleague in our class described Global Citizenship Education like this: "Global citizenship is about being able to see multiple perspectives and to evaluate ones own action and to understand that our actions have consequences." Coralie Kerr University of Alberta Masters of Education student.

Globalism or​ Globalization?

Listen to the first 5 minutes of the podcast found at the link below. The speaker is a former Social Studies teacher who is currently a doctoral student at the University of Iowa. She discusses the difference between Globalism and Globalization and ways in which teachers can teach the idea of Globalism to their students. It is decidedly American in its perspective, but it does still provide some excellent clarification and an interesting perspective of the idea of education for Global Perspectives. If you have time, I would encourage you to listen to the whole 24 minute podcast, but its not required for participation in our discussion.

Global Citizenship: Voices in Education Miniseries

If you have time: Globalism vs. Globalization from the Globalist April 15, 2002.

Resouces for Teachers and Students

Here is a list of Children's books that include global issues. This list is by no means exhaustive, nor complete. It is merely the books we discussed in our class: