Sustainability in Education

1. Please watch this short video Rhonda put together based upon:
Bowers, C. (2009). The classroom practice of commons education. In D. J. Flinders & S.J. Thornton (Eds.),
The curriculum studies reader (3rd ed., pp. 399-424). New York: RoutledgeFalmer.

Bowers writing espouses sustainable education to counter the pervasive and detrimental effects of consumerism/market liberalism/market economy, which if left unchecked, hinder our chances for true globalization.

The following video includes these topics as they relate to sustainability in education: food, creative arts, ceremonies & narratives, moral and spiritual commons, environmental landscapes, built environments, paradox of technology, civil liberties, preservation of languages and declining happiness.

2. Now briefly check out any or all parts of the "The Story of Stuff" video and website that is of interest to you.
3.Now check out this example of a grade 12 project: Turtle Island Video .
(Turtle Island is a term recognized by First Nations People to mean Mother Earth.)

Resources for Teachers and Students