Points to Ponder

Youth are reaching out to connect and collaborate worldwide - see:

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

Consider the following points to ponder before returning to our eClass site to participate in the week's discussion. Do not prepare answers to these questions, just think about them before engaging in the class discussion.

In which ways are educators adequately preparing students to participate in the global commons? How is education lacking?

Is it truly possible to examine an issue from a perspective other than your own? How do we teach this skill to students?

In what ways are technology and Global Citizenship Education tied together, both positively and negatively?

What have you personally experienced in your career, in your schools and in your education that could be considered part of an education for Global Citizenship?

Can you define Global Citizenship Education in your own words? What does (or could or would) this look like in your particular context?

What are your experiences with and opinions of Peace Education, Social Justice Education, Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Education and how do these fit with the concept of Global Citizenship Education?

What are the underlying philosophical beliefs about the purpose of an education system that has Global Citizenship as its mandate?

How has the purpose of education changed in the course of your career due to the concept of Globalization and Global Citizenship Education?