Welcome to Our Presentation on Global Education

Sunday, March 14, - Thursday, March 18, 2010 by Christine Robinson and Rhonda Morrissette

To the left you will find the Navigation Bar which will lead you through the various pages of our Wiki on Global Citizenship and Commons Education.

We begin with an overview of Global Perspectives and discuss what is meant by “Global Education” including some important definitions as well as noting the different aspects of Global Education, which include issues of gender (which we will all be very well prepared for, due to the wonderful presentation of the previous group found here) sustainability and the environment, the role of democracy in education, social justice education and peace education. You will also find a section at the bottom of each page which provides you with resources for teachers and students. These resources may be links to documents or websites for your professional use or for use with students when addressing the issues spoken of on that page. If you want us to add a resource that you know of, please let us know and we will add it asap.

Once you are finished with the general overview of what Global Education is (and is not), head to What If? to get a female perspective on Global Education, and then on to the Sustainability page to see the juxtaposition of images depicting sustainability vs consumerism and watch a video created by Rhonda and one called “The Story of Stuff” which will surprise you.

Next, check out the Current Curriculum page to find out how others around the world are incorporating aspects of Global Citizenship Education into their curricula. Please feel free to offer other examples if you have and I will add them to the maps!

Finally, read the Points to Ponder page to get your brains thinking about how these things impact you, your teaching, your students and your life. Then head back to the eClass site for the discussion.


Please note:
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